HAZOP Services
What Is HAZOP?

Hazard and HAZOP studies are a well-proven structured team-based method for hazard identification at process design completion or for planned modifications. The technique is a detailed examination of the process and engineering intention of new or existing facilities to assess the hazard potential of operation outside the design intention or malfunction of individual items of equipment and their consequential effects on the facility as a whole.
In addition to the experienced facilitator, a core team would typically include personnel from process, instruments, machines, project engineering, and operations and it might require the involvement of process technologists, environmental specialists and corporate health, safety and environmental staff for some parts of the work.
Comprehensive hazard identification is the cornerstone of effective risk management since, if a hazard has not been identified, measures cannot be put in place to mitigate the risk.
Our experienced facilitator can work with you to ensure an effective HAZOP takes place that provides the most penetrating design review, covering safety, environment, operations and maintenance.


Potential deviations from intended design function are identified and corrected Health, safety and environmental process and equipment hazards are revealed Actions for necessary process or instrumentation improvements can be planned Action responses are auditable by management and legislative inspectorates
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