CHAZOP Services
What is CHAZOP? Control Harzard and Operability Analysis

CHAZOP is an acronym for Control HAZOP/ Computer HAZOP and is the case where the Hazard and Operability Risk assessment technique is used to determine the risk level of a plant’s Control System or Safety System.
Most modern plants use some variation of computer based control systems to run themselves. They are known by various names such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion Systems (SCADA), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).
In a typical process plant, these systems may be stand alone operating the entire plant by themselves or in combinations, for example a DCS may be the Basic Process Control System plus there might be a SIS for safe shutdown of the plant in case of a problem.
Or the DCS may be the control system for the main plant and the auxiliary plants such as boilers, chillers, compressors may be stand alone skid mounted units that have individual PLCs controlling them. A proper risk assessment study such as a HAZOP should also include these systems.
But many times they are excluded, due to a false assumption that they rarely fail. However they must also be included in the HAZOP and this kind of HAZOP is referred to as a CHAZOP.
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