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The industry experts on our registry have a collective wealth of experience in the energy industry. Particularly the following:

Offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities
Sub sea and overland oil and gas pipeline systems
Gas conditioning
Oil Refining
Hydrogen Production
Petrochemical facilities
Associated utility and power production facilities
Renewable facilities


The industry experts are worldwide based, however with the use of online collaborative platforms and video conferencing location does not necessarily need to be a constraint anymore.

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The skill and experience of the chairperson in facilitating the implementation of the HAZOP/HAZID/ ENVID procedure is essential to the value recorded and success of the facilitated session. A chairperson with appropriate technical expertise and experience will also generate more effective safety, environmental, asset and operability issue identification.

Similar for the other professional services we provide, we understand the value adding of the industry experts undertaking the assignment.

Our registry and contacts within the industry allow us to identify appropriate and available experts.

Connect with experts for your projects.
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Our goal is to be the preferred and trusted solution partner delivering value in providing professional specialist services in the energy industries. To achieve this, we are committed to the provision of first class customer service, providing industry expert resources and competitive pricing.